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Criteria for Palmerston Gundog Club Perpetual Trophies - 2009
Members must be Financial at the time wins/points are won and residents of the NT.
Exhibitions must be within the NT, with the exception of the GSP Trophy.

Top Showing Gundog (Conformation) (Main Registered Dogs only)
Points can be gained at all local Championship Shows (ie. within 200kms of Darwin). Points are awarded in the following manner and are not cumulative:
Best in Group6 pts
R/Up Best in Group4 pts
Class in Group2 pts
+ 1 extra point for a Class in Show
All official RT's count.  Points are as follows:
Beginners:1st  6 ptsNovice:1st10 pts
2nd  4 pts2nd  8 pts
3rd  2 pts3rd  6 pts
Restricted:1st12 ptsAll Age:1st 14 pts
2nd10 pts2nd12 pts
3rd  8 pts3rd10 ppts
JEVELARA TROPHY FOR TOP GUNDOG IN OBEDIENCE (Main/Limited/Associate Registered Dogs)
Points are awaqrded as 1 point for a qualifying score of 170 points plus an additional point scored thereafter, ie. pass of 175 = 6 pts.  Community Companion Dogs will only gain additional points to the 1 for qualifying if they score above 80 and that will be 1/2 point for every point gained over the 80.  NOTE:  dogs MUST qualify to gain any points.  Bonus points are given in CD, Open and Utility classes in recognition of their more advanced ability.
Open Bonus3 ptsUtility Bonus5 pts
CCD Bonus0 ptsCD Bonus1 pts
ie.Open dog with qualifying score of 1751 pt + 5 pts + 3 bonus pts = 9 pts
Utility dog with qualifying score of 1751 pt + 5 pts + 5 bonus pts = 11 pts
CD dog with qualifying score of 1751 pt + 5 pts + 1 bonus pt = 7 pts
CCD dog with qualifying score of 901 pt + 5 pts = 6 pts

To be eligible for this award dogs must gain points in both of the above fields.  Usually points are allocated from all our scheduled Retrieving Trials for the years and only 12 nominated Conformation shows.
Australian Safaris Trohy Retrieving Trial Dates 2009:  as scheduled in the TDW
Australian Safaris Trophy Conformation Show Dates for 2009:

04-Apr-09 (DLKC)01-Aug-09 (Canine Expo)
09-May-09 (DABKC)01-Aug-09 (Canine Expo)
20-Jun-09 (SDHC)12-Sep-09 (SDHC)
20-Jun-09 (SDHC)26-Sep-09 (DABKC)
23-25-Jul-09 (Dwn Royal)10-Oct-09 (DLKC)
26-Jul-09 (PGC)07-Nov-09 (DABKC)
Points/places may be gained in any one of the following six (6) disciplines of canine exhibitions, one of which MUST be gained in Conformation, and any other disciplines, ie. to be eligible for this award the dog must gain points in a minimum of two (2) disciplines.
Conformation (compulsory)Obedience
Puppies under six (6) months of age are NOT ELIGIBLE to compete.  Points may be gained at any exhibition anywhere in Australia BUT the dog and owner must be resident in the NT, ie. awards achieved during holidays will be recognised.  A maximum of six (6) scores from any one discipline is to apply.  All points in the working disciplines must be from qualifying scores.  BONUS POINTS - awarded once only - for a dog which gains points in three (3) or more disciplines during a calendar year (Jan - Dec), a once only bonus of 3 points will apply.  It is not cumulative for the 4th, 5th or 6th disciplines.
Best in Show6 ptsR/Up in Group / Class In Show3 pts
R/Up Best in Show5 ptsBest of Breed2 pts
Best in Group4 ptsChallenge / Class In Group1 pt
All Stakes1st4 pts
2nd3 pts
3rd1 pt
Bonus points are extra and depend on the level worked:
Novice+ 1
Restricted+ 2
All Age+ 3
** NB Any dog gaining 160 pts or more for any Stake received two (2) additional bonus points for EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD, ie. 1st in Novice with 162 pts = 4 pts + 1 (bonus) + 2 (excellence) = 7 pts
Qualify at any level and place 1st, 2nd or 3rd2 pts
Bonus points per level3 pts
AD + 1 pt:   ADX + 1 pt:   Masters + 1 pt
170-1771 ptBonus points per level
178-1852 ptsCD+ 1 pt
186-1933 ptsCDX+ 2 pts
194-2004 ptsUD+ 3 pts
Points awarded for dogs in CCD Obedience as per the following scores:
75-821 ptCCDno bonus points
83-902 pts
91-953 pts
96-1004 pts
**NB Any dog scoring a perfect score of 100 pts (or 100 in CCD) will receive an additional two (2) bonus points in recognition of EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD, ie.
1st in CDX with 200 pts = 4 pts + 2 (bonus) + 2 (excellence) = 8 pts
1st in CCD with 100 pts = 4 pts + 0 (bonus) + 2 (excellence) = 6 pts
BAJ ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD (Main/Limited/Associate Registered Dogs)
For gundogs competing in Gundog Working Tests conducted by the Palmerston Gundog Club in the NT.  The award is to encourage gundogs to compete in Gundog Working Tests and the Club to hold as many of these tests as possible during the year.
1It is only for GWTs conducted by the Palmerston Gundog Club (or its successor) and held in the Northern Territory.
2The award is open to any purebred gundog as defined by the Palmerston Gundog Club, ie. associate registered gundogs are eligible.
3The determination of whether a gundog is a purebreed but who does not have papers, should be determined by the rules prevailing at the time, as set by either the ANKC, Dogs NT (NACA) or the Club – in that order.  The club currently has in place a mechanism approved by Dogs NT (NACA) to classify purebred gundogs as “associate Gundogs” for the purpose of competing in the Gundog Working Tests.
4If a person has won the award with an Associate Gundog, and notwithstanding any other Associate Gundogs owned by them at that present time, any further purebred gundogs must be registered by the ANKC/NACA.
(ie any person who enters their first GWT and enters with an Assoc. Gundog, only associate gundogs owned by them at that time (the time of the trial) can be eligible for points.  Any subsequent gundogs that they purchase after first entering a GWT must be gundogs, registered by the ANKC/NACA.  This is so that people who may currently own one or more associate gundogs can run them in the GWT and be eligible to receive points BUT that any future dogs owned by them must be fully registered gundogs in order to be eligible for any points).
Awarding of points
Points to be awarded to qualifying dogs only as follows:
1st place4 pts
2nd place3 pts
3rd place2 pts
All others that pass the GWT but not receive a placing as above - 1 point.
The points are to be the same regardless of whether the dog is competing at the Novice or Open level.


Criteria for Gundog Working Tests (GWT) in the Northern Territory

They are not a national title although the rules are uniform nationally (now with minor differences between the states), and the Tests themselves are a domestic issue, with approved judges coming from within the group of Retrieving Judges.

The objectives of the GWT are:
  • to introduce Retrieving to gundog owners;
  • to allow Retrieving basics to be taught under easy conditions;
  • to allow handlers to improve control performance;  and
  • to allow gundogs to experience their natural instincts.
As the number of gundogs competing in the field has a suffered a downturn in recent times, some of the states have relaxed the "eligibility" to include dogs which appear to be gundogs, but for whatever reason are not on either the Main or Limited Registers.

The North Australian Canine Association (DogsNT) has approved the submission put by our Club in 2008 that any "registered associate dog" which is considered by the three person panel appointed by our committee (of which ar least one member must be a Group 3 Judge) as complying woth the ANKC standard for that particular breed, can be classed as an "Associate Gundog" and may compete in GWT in the NT.

Application for dogs to be classified as Associate Registered Gundogs can be arranged through contacting the Club Secretary.

The Club held its inaugural GWT in October 2008 - Click for photos and results

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